Anywhere Workout


Price: $235

Order “Anywhere” Fitness & Nutrition Program Phase 1

All the guesswork is taken out of getting fit and I will coach you every step of the way.   Your FIT TRIBE of like minded women will support you and cheer you along as well.


This suggested 10-12 week program is designed to get you results and provides you with:

  • 6-Strength Workouts

  • 5-HIIT Based Cardio Workouts

  • 2-Meal Pans

  • Grocery List

  • Dynamic Stretching Routines

  • Body Measurements Tracker 

  • Dedicated Coach

  • Exclusive Team Video Demonstration Portal 

  • Access to our exclusive online social media community of fellow Team  Fit Members from across the Globe, aka your "Fit Tribe."

  • Resources, Tips and Tricks from your all Female team of Fitness Experts!

  • Exclusive Team Fit Discounts!


In addition to this program, participants are encouraged to purchase a few pieces of "portable fitness equipment". We suggest these items and utilize them in your program as they can go anywhere with you and yield amazing results without having to be in a gym!


Suggested items: 

  • A Suspension Trainer (TRX) 

  • Loop Band

  • Resistance Band with Handles

  • Two Sets of Dumbells; 5 pounds and 15 pounds


These items are not included in the cost of the program and can be purchased from any major sporting goods retailer or online commerce site. 


Details and pictures are provided in the program. You can use the program without these suggested pieces of portable fitness equipment, however for optimal results its highly suggested to get them. Once you have them, they can go with you anywhere to complete this fitness program and you have them for a lifetime!

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